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Companies who offer auto title loans are required by law to place a lien upon the title of the asset.

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Liens are issued to debtors on behalf of individuals and governmental entities


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  What is a company?
A company is a noun that literally means a commercial business.

  What is a lien?
A lien is a common type of legal remedy issued by judges on behalf of a lender or creditor, to help ensure repayment of a debt, by securing the real property rights of assets which are owned by their debtors.

A Lien Company can provide an array of services to customers, including but not limited to: 

  • property

  • automobile

  • mechanic/construction

  • estate

  • tax

  • title

  • legal services

  • authoritative information

Liens can be issued to and or on behalf of individuals or businesses on the private level,

and governmental entities on the public level.

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